About EVs: Charging 101

Automobile owners are going electric

Your neighbors agree: EVs are a convenient, affordable, and clean alternative to gas vehicles. Check out the resources below to learn more about why automobile owners are embracing an electric future.

Choose among thousands of plug-in options—and counting

As most EV models surpass 200 miles on a fully charged battery, EVs can take you anywhere you want to go without expensive and polluting fossil fuels. And with Peninsula Clean Energy leading the charge to install an unprecedented number of charging stations across the county, EV ownership has never been more convenient and hassle free.

Charge at home or on the go

Charge at home or on the go

Immediately charge your EV at home by plugging in to a normal outlet to add about 40-50 miles of battery range overnight. This is more than enough to meet the needs of most residents of San Mateo County.

A 240-volt charger is faster

Some EV owners choose to install a 240-volt charger at home or visit one of the many 240-volt charging stations across the county. This charger will add about 100 miles of battery range in just four hours of charging.

A direct-current (DC) charging station is fastest

Some fully electric EVs can be charged at a DC charging station to add more than 100 miles of battery charge in 40 minutes. This option is ideal to quickly charge up during a road trip, or to conveniently charge your car while you’re running errands.

To learn more about EV charging, including how to install a 240-volt charger at home, visit PG&E’s EV charging resources page.

Full charge ahead for local businesses

EV Ready is a $28 million electric vehicle charging infrastructure program targeting 3,500 charging ports installed in  public parking facilities, workplaces, apartments, and condos. Learn how workplaces, condo, and apartment complexes can receive free technical assistance to help design your project and generous incentives

Pay less to charge your EV

To make EV ownership even more beneficial for its member communities, Peninsula Clean Energy offers electricity at a lower rate than PG&E—and electricity from Peninsula Clean Energy is 100% carbon-free!

To save even more, PG&E offers two EV rate plans for residential customers:

  1. Combine your vehicle’s electricity costs with those of your residence.
  2. Install another meter that separates your vehicle’s electricity costs from those of your home.

For more information on EV rates or to change your rate, visit PG&E’s EV rates page. Please note that changing your rate with PG&E will automatically update your rate with Peninsula Clean Energy.