About EVs: Savings & rebates

Automobile owners are going electric

Your neighbors agree: EVs are a convenient, affordable, and clean alternative to gas vehicles. Check out the resources below to learn more about why automobile owners are embracing an electric future.

The smart choice for the environment and your budget

EVs not only help the environment by reducing carbon emissions, they can also help you save thousands of dollars on fuel and maintenance costs. Check out this EV Savings Calculator from PG&E to learn exactly how much you can save from all 68 available EV models.

Used EV Rebate Program: Save thousands right away when you purchase an EV

In addition to the long-term savings opportunities, Peninsula Clean Energy offers rebates for used plug-in hybrid and fully electric EVs, with increased rebates available for income-qualified residents that can be combined with incentives from other state and local programs. Pre-apply for your used EV rebate.

Federal and state incentives and rebates

Check out these additional federal and state incentives and rebates for making the EV switch:

ProgramEVs Incentive AmountNew or usedAdditional Information
Peninsula Clean Energy Used EV Rebate$700 - $4,000Used onlyPurchase only. San Mateo County and Los Banos.
PG&E Used EV Rebate$1,000 - $4,000Used onlyOpen to all PG&E customers with an active residential Electric Service Agreement.
Federal Tax Credit$0 - $7,500New onlyIncentive based on battery capacity, vehicle make/model, and tax liability. Purchase only. Click here to see incentive amount according to vehicle.
Clean Cars for All $5,500 - $9,500New and usedLow and moderate income only. Scrap & replace program; must retire a vehicle 2005 or older to qualify. Bay Area only.
Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (currently closed)$1,000 - $4,500New onlyRebate based on vehicle type ($1,000 plug-in hybrid and $2,000 all-electric). Has an income cap & increased rebate (+$2,500) for low income households. Purchase or lease. California wide program.
Clean Fuel Reward (currently closed)$1,500New onlyPurchase or lease. Application is not required, incentive provided through participating dealerships at point of sale.
Driving Clean Assistance Program (currently closed)$4,500-$5,500New and usedLow and moderate income only. Purchase only. Offers financing assistance. Bay Area only.
Clean Vehicle Assistance Program (currently closed)
$4,500 - $5,000New and usedLow to moderate income only. Purchase
only. Offers financing assistance. California wide program.
Clean Air Vehicle Decal Program N/ANew and some usedIssues HOV decals allowing EVs to drive in the carpool lane with a single passenger. All new EVs are eligible; used EVs eligibility is income-based.

EV Ready: Full charge ahead for local businesses

EV Ready is a $28 million electric vehicle charging infrastructure program targeting 3,500 charging ports installed in public parking facilities, workplaces, apartments, and condos. Learn how workplaces, condo, and apartment complexes can receive free technical assistance to help design your project and generous incentives.