2023 All-Electric Leadership Awards Program

Call for submissions

Have you electrified a new or renovated commercial or residential building in San Mateo County or the City of Los Banos? If so, showcase your leadership and innovation to inspire and educate others. Peninsula Clean Energy invites designers, builders, developers, and owners of all-electric residential and commercial buildings to submit their projects to the All-Electric Leadership Awards Program. 

Award winners will be recognized at a community event with a plaque and $2,000 cash award and will be acknowledged on the Peninsula Clean Energy website, on social media, and in a press release. 

Our Awards Selection Committee, made up of outstanding experts in building design and electrification, will choose the award winners in the first quarter of 2023.  

Award submission deadline is November 18, 2022.  

The modern, all-electric building is more comfortable, energy efficient and healthier. Using highly efficient electric appliances for heating and cooling air, heating water, drying clothes and cooking, eliminates combustion of methane gas in living and working spaces. Instead, using 100% carbon-free electricity from Peninsula Clean Energy helps fight global climate change.