All-electric project showcase

All-electric buildings are the wave of the future: they are more comfortable, energy efficient and healthier for our families and the planet. Here we celebrate outstanding examples of clean, sustainable buildings and help illustrate the way for others toward carbon-free living.

How to add your project

Have you switched from gas to electric appliances or converted your building to all-electric? If you have, we want to hear from you. Your experience can inspire and educate others. Peninsula Clean Energy invites designers, builders, developers and owners of all-electric residential and commercial buildings to submit their projects to the All-Electric Leadership Directory. Selected projects will be featured on our site and all submissions will be considered for the 2022 All-Electric Leadership Awards.

All-electric directory

This online directory is a reference for those who are exploring design and construction of all-electric buildings. Projects are vetted by Peninsula Clean Energy’s team of building experts. Search and sort projects based on factors including building location, size and type.

Please note that the directory may take several moments to load.