Solar and Heat Pumping to the Max

2023 All-Electric Leader
most inspirational residential project

Location: Redwood City

Building type: Single family residential

Status: Completed

Size: 1,750 square feet

Completion date: January, 2022

Energy Use Intensity: 15

Owner: Michael Willcox



After having a rooftop PV solar system installed, Michael turned his attention to converting this 1,750 sq. ft. home from methane to become all-electric. He managed permits and installation for the five-zone mine-split heat pump heating and cooling system, heat pump water heater, and custom heat pump hot tub.

The first step toward electrification for Michael Willcox was the installation of a 9.2 kW photovoltaic system installed by a solar contractor. It was sized for his total electric use plus 1/3rd of the total methane gas use to allow for his subsequent transition to heat pumps. 

He installed the multi-zone mini-split heat pump heating and A/C system with the assistance of a contractor who procured parts, vacuum/pressure tested and charged the refrigerant lines (which enabled the warranty).  The heat pump water heater, and room-by-room control of the heat pump heating and A/C are fully controlled over Wi-Fi.

Excess electricity from the PV solar system allowed him to convert from a gasoline-power car to electric vehicle.

The PG&E gas line has since been shut off at the meter. Michael has been tracking energy use, and in addition to being carbon-free, he calculates that he is saving money on his energy bill and the house is using less than half the amount of energy.  

Special Features:

  • Solar photovoltaic system
  • Heat pump water heater
  • Air source five-zone heat pump heating and cooling
  • Air source hydronic heat pump heated hot tub

Project Team:

Architect: Michael Willcox
Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical,  Energy Consultant: Michael Willcox
Contractor: SVS Home Comfort