Cleaner Energy at Work

pce-green-energyIf your business is located in San Mateo County, you have been automatically enrolled with Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) ECOplus. PCE is helping your business meet sustainability goals by providing cleaner electricity at lower rates than what you are currently paying your electric utility. The easiest part is that you won’t have to do a thing!

Portola Valley Businesses

Portola Valley residents and businesses have been automatically enrolled in our ECO100 product, based on their Town Council’s vote to go carbon-free and 100% renewable right from the start. This makes Portola Valley one of the first towns in California to be entirely 100% renewable! Learn More

The Choice Is Yours

Peninsula Clean Energy offers two product options, each with a different amount of renewable energy. Choosing PCE means your electricity will be cleaner, your business will be greener, and our community will have control of where our electricity comes from. Lead the charge for a brighter, more sustainable future in our community, and enjoy the many benefits of being a Powered by PCE business.

ECOplus is our default electric option, in which you’ll be automatically enrolled during your designated phase.

  • Lower rates than what you’re currently paying
  • Nearly double the amount of clean energy compared to PG&E
  • 50% of your electricity will come from renewables
  • 80% carbon-free

ECO100 is for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint even more and help make the greatest impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • 100% of your electricity will come from renewables
  • 100% carbon-free
  • Slightly higher rates when you opt-up
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions globally
  • Costs $0.01 per kWh more than our ECOplus option
  • To enroll in ECO100, click the “Opt Up” button at the top of the screen and complete the form.


Good for Business

With Peninsula Clean Energy, you are saving money on your monthly electricity bills. Your company is benefiting from our lower rates, while stimulating the health of the local economy and environment. Earnings from PCE is being reinvested back into the community in the form of new energy efficiency projects and programs, encouraging the creation of new jobs.

Solar and Net Energy Metering customers

solar-businessDo you have solar panels on your business? Businesses who use solar power are automatically enrolled in the Peninsula Clean Energy Net Energy Metering program without having to fill out any additional paperwork. For more information on solar and net energy metering, visit our Solar Customers page.

Peninsula Clean Energy is Countywide!

PCE is now serving all of San Mateo County with cleaner energy at low rates.

ECO Business Directory

Your business is a leader in sustainability, and we want to tell our customers about it! When you enroll your business in ECO100, your business will be featured in our ECO Business Directory. Our ECO Business Directory will help get the word out about what you do!

Business Toolkit

Our Business Toolkit includes helpful resources for sharing information about Peninsula Clean Energy with your employees and customers. We’ve created a number of materials to help you spread the word about PCE and signify that you are a PCE business. By doing so, you’re telling your customers that you care about reducing your carbon footprint, while helping to make San Mateo County greener and more sustainable. Check back soon for our complete Business Toolkit, and in the meantime, visit our Spread the Word page to help get the word out about Peninsula Clean Energy.

Questions about PCE? Visit our FAQ page for answers!