2021 Year in Review

We are moving toward an all-electric lifestyle that is clean, healthy, and efficient. Due to global climate change, health impacts, and long-term economic benefits, our

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Expanding to Los Banos

Peninsula Clean Energy is expanding to Los Banos starting in 2022, which will be our first electricity service to California’s Central Valley. Why are we

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Electricity bill too high?

Many of our customers are concerned about their electricity bills this winter. We hope these replies to questions we have been hearing will help you better understand your rates, programs you may qualify for and actions you can take to manage electricity costs.

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Your water heater is warming the planet

A big contributor to climate change comes from right inside your home.

A growing body of research is proving that water heaters are doing far more than just warming your showers.

Residential appliances contribute 66 percent of heat-trapping natural gas emissions from buildings in San Mateo County. Of that, the use of furnaces and water heaters are the leading sources.

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