Peninsula Clean Energy reinvests in San Mateo County by providing energy programs and incentives that further decrease greenhouse gas emissions and offer other benefits to the community.

Energy resiliency

Community impact chartThe Peninsula Clean Energy Board of Directors has approved $10 million for programs to provide community readiness for power shutoffs and emergencies. This includes solar plus storage solutions for the medically vulnerable, community-scale emergency response centers, and critical infrastructure. Read the resilience plan and sign up for program updates.

Sign upElectric car test drive events

Interested in test driving an electric vehicle? Peninsula Clean Energy organizes events where you can try out the latest models. If you want to host or attend a test drive event or attend one, check here for more information.


EV Ready

Our upcoming EV Ready program provides technical design assistance and incentives for installation of EV chargers for locations with multiple users. Peninsula Clean Energy is partnering with the California Energy Commission to launch an incentive project in 2020 to increase publicly available electric vehicle charging locations. Under this $24 million program thousands of charging stations will be installed in San Mateo County over the next four years.

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Electric vehicle (EV) incentives

Peninsula Clean Energy offers incentives for new and used EV purchases. Incentives for new EVs were offered in 2018 and 2019. The 2020 program for new EVs is under development. The ongoing DriveForward Electric Program makes it more affordable for income-qualifying San Mateo County residents to purchase a used EV by providing a vehicle incentive up to $4,000.

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Get $35 for your old fridge

Have an old refrigerator or freezer that is hogging energy in your home? Peninsula Clean Energy will arrange to pick it up, responsibly recycle it, and send you a check for $35. Sign up on our web site or call 888-646-2196.

Sign upUpgrade to 100% renewable energy

Want to do something more to fight global climate change that is easy and inexpensive? Switch to 100% renewable energy, available for about $4 more per month for the average household. Upgrade to ECO100 on line at or call 866-966-0110.

Upgrade to ECO100Interested in other programs?

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Community ProgramsKeep informed

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