E-Bikes for Everyone: Laura Posey, Los Banos

When Laura bought her new e-bike, she did not realize it would let her zoom past the kids in her neighborhood. She thought an e-bike would be fun, but not that fun.

In fact, Laura was not planning on buying one at all until she heard about Peninsula Clean Energy’s E-Bikes for Everyone program. This program makes e-bikes accessible and affordable for income-qualifying residents. Participants received an incentive of up to $1,000 off the purchase price for a new e-bike.

The timing was perfect for Laura. She was ready for something more fun than her regular cruiser bike. She thought about buying a scooter, but she preferred an e-bike because it let her pedal. That would make it look like she was riding a regular bike, even though the electric motor in an e-bike can power it at more than 20 miles per hour. We won’t tell those neighborhood kids, Laura.

When asked what she likes best about her e-bike she said, “It just lets me get out and have a nice ride. It’s something I look forward to every night instead of just sitting at home in the evening.”