Bobba Inicio

2021 All-Electric Award
 Emerging Leader

Ubicación: Burlingame

Tipo de construcción: Single family home, remodel

Estado: Terminado

Tamaño: 3,100 square feet

Terminado: 2021

Dueño: Bobba Venkatadri

Visión general

Bobba Venkatadri was trained as a pharmacist and is now a biopharma executive and venture capitalist. He is a believer in science and innovation. Since 2010, Bobba has been very concerned about global warming. He believes it is important to take personal responsibility in order to reduce consumption of fossil fuels. In 2019, he decided to make his home 100% emission free.

Over the course of nine months, Bobba nearly tripled the capacity of his rooftop solar system, a Tesla Powerwall, converted his gas furnace to heat pump technology, installed a Nest smart thermostat, swapped his gas water heater for an electric water heater and installed an electric fireplace.  He is planning to replace his gas cooktop with an induction cooktop. Bobba reduces his transportation emissions by driving a Tesla electric vehicle.

Características especiales

  • Solar panels that generate 12.8 kW of electricity
  • Tesla Powerwall with 5 kW of energy storage power and 13.5 kWh of energy storage capacity
  • Two Mitsubishi heat pumps for heating and air conditioning
  • Electric water heater
  • Electric fireplace
  • Plans to install a Tesla Powerwall battery and electric stove

Grupo de proyecto

Otto Miller
Power on Solar
John Landsman
Lenn Cad Designs
Swell Energy