EV Ready program incentives

Your site may qualify for one or more incentives from different programs. The technical assistance process will provide more detail on incentive levels and site eligibility to maximize the amount of incentive your project could receive. Apply for technical assistance below:

If you have a workplace location and are interested in installing Level 2 ports, the California Electric Vehicle Incentive Project will likely be the best incentive program for your project (see CALeVIP Peninsula-Silicon Valley Project below).

Questions? Please call us at (650) 449-8561 or email us at PCE-EVReady@clearesult.com.

Peninsula Clean Energy EV charger incentives

Peninsula Clean Energy offers incentives for multi-unit dwellings, affordable housing projects, public agencies, and workplaces for Level 1 and Level 2 charging. Learn more about which type of EV charger is best for your property at About EV Charging.

Additional incentives supporting Level 2 ports facilitated by Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits are available to public agencies and workplaces. Interested applicants are required to enroll and participate in the Technical Assistance Program to be considered eligible for the incentives.

Program funding is capped at $1,500,000 for projects at existing market rate properties with more Level 2 charging ports than Level 1. Please refer to the table below for specific project caps.

Eligibility: To determine if your site is eligible for incentives, please review the Peninsula Clean Energy EV Charger Incentives Program Standards and Requirements.

EV charger incentives by property and charger type

Property CategoryProperty Type Port TypePort Incentive Applicable Cap1
Existing buildingMulti-Unit DwellingL1 outlet$2,000No cap
L2 EVSE port$4,500Up to 75% of project cost, maximum $36,000 per property
Main Panel Upgrade2$4,000Up to $4,000 per property
Affordable Housing Multi-Unit DwellingL1 outlet$2,500No cap
L2 EVSE port$4,500Up to 100% of project cost, maximum $36,000 per property
Main Panel Upgrade3$4,000Up to $4,000 per property
WorkplaceL1 outlet4$2,000No cap
L2 EVSE port5$4,000Up to $80,000 per property
AnyMake Ready circuit6$2,000Up to $20,000 per property
Public AgencyL2 EVSE port7$4,500Up to $90,000 per property
New constructionMarket Rate Multi-Unit Dwelling (Above Code8)L1 outlet$1,000No cap
L2 EVSE port$2,000Up to $40,000 per property
Affordable Housing Multi-Unit DwellingL1 outlet$1,500No cap
L2 EVSE port$2,500Up to $100,000 per property
Public Agency9L1 outlet$1,000No cap
L2 EVSE port$2,000Up to $250,000 per property
New or ExistingAnyResilient L2 or DCFC port$10,000Up to $50,000 per property

1Maximum incentive award is up to 100% of project cost – maximum port incentive or applicable cost, whichever is less, unless otherwise stated

2,3Must install 4 or more ports to be eligible for the main panel upgrade incentive

4Dedicated public or private fleets are not eligible

5,7 Sites applying for Low Carbon Fuel Standard backed incentives must enroll in Peninsula Clean Energy’s Technical Assistance Program and final eligibility for incentives is at Peninsula Clean Energy’s discretion

6Cannot be layered with L2 incentives from other programs to fund the same port

8Market rate above code incentive covers voluntary and surplus charging stations from those required to be installed by a regulation, local ordinance, building code, or other legal obligations.

9If a new construction project is a multi-use site and is eligible for multiple incentive categories, the site owner must select which property type category and corresponding incentive structure to apply for

To apply for rebates, complete the EV charger incentives application: