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Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) is offering San Mateo County residents free test drives in a selection of electric vehicles (EVs) on August 11th at the Facebook Summer Jam in Menlo Park.

“We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and transportation is the main contributor in this county. Electric vehicles offer drivers a clean, convenient alternative to gas-powered cars,” said Jan Pepper, CEO of Peninsula Clean Energy. PCE provides 290,000 San Mateo County customers with cleaner energy at lower rates than they previously received from PG&E.

The test drive events are part of PCE’s new Go Electric campaign to make electric vehicles more affordable and easy to charge throughout the County. “Every dollar spent to power an electric vehicle takes you more than three times as far as a dollar’s worth of fuel in an average gas-powered vehicle,” said Pepper. “Residents who try one out will see that electric cars are great fun to drive and offer attractive range, comfort, and cost.”

An electric vehicle can save a driver more than $1200 a year in fuel and maintenance costs compared to a typical gas car. The state of California has set a target of switching 5 million gas-powered cars to EVs by 2030 to fight climate change.

A valid California driver’s license is required for a test drive.

California has over 350,000 EVs and more than 14,000 charging stations at public and workplace locations throughout the state, according to a study by the California Energy Commission and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Why Electric Vehicles Are A Better Ride

Interested in learning more about electric vehicles? Our informational flier includes cost comparisons between electric vehicles and gas-powered cars, the difference between electric electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in electric vehicles, and the different levels of charging.

Electric Vehicle Informational Flier (PDF)

2017 ECO100 Emissions factor is 0

2017 ECOplus emissions factor is 0.142326 lbs/kWh

Assumes 19 lbs C02/gallon for gas


Assumes 25 miles/gallon for gas car

Assumes 3.8 mi/kWh for EV


Assumes 9,454 miles driven annually


Assumes $1186 average annual maintenance for gas car, versus $982 for EV

Assumes $3.65/gallon price for gas


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