The tiered rate structure is part of the delivery side of the bill, which remains unaffected by Peninsula Clean Energy. Therefore, whatever “tier” you are currently on with PG&E for delivery charges, that will remain the same. Further detail can be found in PG&E’s tariffs. For residential customers, see page two of this document. See the section entitled “Unbundling of Total Rates.” In that section, there is a Generation charge of $0.09838 per kWh. That is PG&E’s rate, which will be replaced by Peninsula Clean Energy. Below that you see “Conservation Incentive Adjustment.” That is the baseline treatment. Whether you are a PG&E customer for generation service, or on direct access, or on PCE, that treatment remains the same. So no matter what tier of usage you have in a given month, PCE’s ECOplus will be below PG&E’s rate.