How do I know when my service begins?

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Due to the large population in San Mateo County, enrollment is rolling out in 2 phases over a 7-month period. If you were in the first enrollment phase, you started receiving notices from us by mail in July 2016 with service beginning in October 2016. The balance of customers began service in April 2017, with initial ...(continue)

Why was I automatically enrolled into Peninsula Clean Energy?

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Historically, PG&E has been the default power provider to customers in San Mateo County and customers were automatically enrolled in PG&E because there was no alternative service to choose from. Now there is a choice. Because of the benefits offered by Community Choice programs such as Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), including lower cost and cleaner electricity, ...(continue)

Why is Peninsula Clean Energy enrollment automatic, requiring that I opt-out in order to stay with PG&E?

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California's CCA law requires Peninsula Clean Energy to become the default provider of electric generation for customers within San Mateo County. If a customer wishes to stay with PG&E, they can opt out of PCE. Customer choice is very important to us, so we provide four written notices to our customers so that you can choose ...(continue)

I just moved to a new address and I want to establish service. How do I sign up?

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Establishing service is easy. Contact PG&E one week before you will need service at your new address and schedule an appointment by calling PG&E at 1-800-743-5000. New customers who move into the Peninsula Clean Energy service area are automatically enrolled into Peninsula Clean Energy and will be mailed two notices within the first sixty days of ...(continue)