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Peninsula Clean Energy’s Mission:

Peninsula Clean Energy is San Mateo County’s locally-controlled electricity provider. We are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and offering customer choice at competitive rates.

Peninsula Clean Energy’s Strategic Goals:

  1. Design a diverse power portfolio that is greenhouse gas free.
    • 100% GHG free by 2021
    • sourced by 100% CA RPS eligible renewable energy by 2025
    • create a minimum of 20 MWs of new local power by 2025
  2. Continually strive to offer ECOPlus at rates that are at parity or lower than PG&E rates.
  3. Stimulate development of new renewable energy projects and clean-tech innovation in San Mateo County and California through PCE’s procurement activities.
  4. Demonstrate quantifiable economic benefits to the County/region and place a priority on local hiring and workforce development practices and environmental justice.
  5. Implement programs to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions by investing in programs such as local clean power production, electric vehicles, energy efficiency, and demand response, and partnering effectively with local business, schools, and nonprofit organizations.
  6. Maximize and maintain customer participation in PCE.
    • Provide a superior customer experience
    • Develop PCE brand awareness and loyalty throughout the County.
    • Actively encourage voluntary participation in its ECO100 renewable energy product
    • Actively encourage participation in other programs PCE develops
    • Achieve recognition from the EPA’s Green Power Partnership for Green Power Communities for all cities with municipal accounts enrolled in ECO100 by 2018
  7. Build a financially sustainable organization.
    • Build sufficient reserves in a rate stabilization fund
    • Achieve an investment grade credit rating by 2021
  8. Foster a work environment that espouses sustainable business practices and cultivates a culture of innovation, diversity, transparency, integrity, and commitment to the organization’s mission and the communities it serves.

Peninsula Clean Energy Policies:

  1. Delegation of authority to Chief Executive Officer to take action to support or oppose legislation or other initiatives
  2. Customer confidentiality
  3. Bad debt
  4. Prohibition Against Dissemination of Untrue or Misleading Information
  5. Terms and Conditions of Service
  6. Terms and Conditions of Service for Early Adopters
  7. Risk Management Procedures and Controls for Transactions in the California Independent System Operator Markets
  8. Information Technology / Security
  9. Ethical Vendor Standards
  10. Inclusive and Sustainable Workforce Policy
  11. Unbundled Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
  12. Excluding Coal for Power and Resource Adequacy
  13. Delinquent Accounts and Bad Debt Collections
  14. Delegation of Authority
  15. Energy Supply Procurement Authority
  16. Selection of the Chair and Vice Chair and appointment to the Executive Committee and other standing Board Committees
  17. Disbursement Policy
  18. Financial Reserves Policy
  19. Investment Policy
Peninsula Clean Energy

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