2024 Changes to annual NEM cash out

There are minor modifications to our Net Energy Metering (NEM) annual cash out policy which take effect as of April 2024.

For net-energy producers receiving an annual credit

  • Customers with a NEM credit balance under $500 will now receive an on-bill credit.
  • Customers with a NEM credit balance of $500 or more will receive their balance amount as a check, up to the $20,000 cap.

Beginning in April 2025, the cash out cap will be amended to $10,000.

For net energy producers and consumers with uncashed NEM credit balances prior to 2024

We want to ensure you receive the full value from your solar PV system. If you are a customer with an uncashed NEM credit balance (i.e., you were a net generating solar customer in 2017-2023), you will receive a one-time bill credit applied automatically to your account.

The on-bill credit will amount to the total of your uncashed NEM cash out checks from previous years. This credit will apply to Peninsula Clean Energy charges initially, and any remaining credit will then be applied to PG&E charges. And there's no need to worry about expiration – this credit will continue to lower your PG&E bill until it's fully utilized.

For more information about our NEM program visit: https://www.PeninsulaCleanEnergy.com/Net-Energy-Metering-Services

NEM annual cash out FAQs

Any PCE NEM customer with a credit in their NEM balance after their April billing cycle has concluded.

Cash outs are processed after the April billing cycle and dispersed in May or June, depending upon the customer’s April meter read date.

The PCE annual cash out is only applicable to the PCE electric generation portion of your service. Your PG&E true-up is based on the transmission and delivery portion, and typically occurs during the month in which you originally began service.

The key benefit is that we pay more for the solar energy you generate, and our electricity rates are lower, so you pay less for what you consume.

PCE does not accept requests for cash out checks under the $500 threshold.

No, any leftover credits from your cash out will flow through to your PG&E charges and remain on your PG&E account balance. They can be applied to both future PG&E and PCE charges.

As part of the 2024 NEM annual cash out, we have reissued all previously uncashed cash out credits as one-time on-bill credits. Please check your May or June 2024 bill. On your PG&E bill, it will appear as, “Unclaimed PCE NEM Credit Balance (accrued prior to 2024)”.

In future years, we will reissue undeposited checks which have expired.

No, customers on SBP are cashed out under a different policy. Please see the SBP annual cash out policy.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-866-966-0110 or email us at info@PeninsulaCleanEnergy.com for assistance. We're here to help!