Our path to 24/7 renewable power by 2025

In 2017, Peninsula Clean Energy set a goal to deliver 100% renewable energy to match demand on an hour-by-hour basis by 2025.

This white paper introduces Peninsula Clean Energy’s vision for 24/7 renewable energy, our progress to date, and at a high level, how we are planning to achieve it by 2025. In the next few months, we will follow up with a report containing the results of our modeling, including details about the expected costs and resource mix required to achieve this unprecedented goal.

If we can achieve this goal, we can provide a model for other load serving entities to follow and accelerate further reductions of greenhouse gas emissions in the electricity supply. The need to do this is urgent. We aim to demonstrate that we can achieve this goal cost-effectively, just as we have demonstrated since our inception in 2016, providing consumers with cleaner energy at a lower cost.

Download whitepaper (pdf)