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April 19, 2022

Peninsula Clean Energy Awards Building Electrification Leaders

Innovative San Mateo County residential, commercial projects recognized

REDWOOD CITY, CA – Peninsula Clean Energy has awarded residential and commercial builders, property owners and design teams as 2022 building electrification leaders in San Mateo County.  

The Jefferson Elementary School District in Daly City received the 2022 All-Electric Leader Award – Outstanding Commercial Project for a 50,500-square-foot project that is the first workforce housing campus for grades K-8 in California. 

Peninsula Clean Energy has given the 2022 All-Electric Leader Award – Innovative Commercial Project to the new Burlingame Community Center, an all-electric replacement of the city’s seven-decade-old center.  

Peninsula Clean Energy has given the 2022 All-Electric Leader Award – Outstanding Residential Project to Kathleen and Andre Goforth, who retrofitted their 80-year-old, 1,500-square foot San Carlos residence into a zero-emission, substantially self-powered and all-electric home.  

The 2022 All-Electric Leader Award – Innovative Residential Project was given to Eric and Kristin Hansen, who retrofitted their 1950s ranch-style home in Menlo Park.  

Each of the four winners will be awarded a check for $2,000 and recognized at this spring’s 23rd annual Awards Celebration hosted by Sustainable San Mateo County.  

The Jefferson Elementary School District workforce housing project, expected to be completed in December, will be adjacent to M.P. Brown Elementary School and include 56 units for employees. The project – featuring a children’s play area, vegetable garden, BBQ and community laundry and kitchen space – will be powered and served by onsite solar and electric heat pump water heater and other appliances. 

The JESD workforce housing campus is a first of its kind that provides affordable housing for our educators to live and work in the communities they serve,” said Daly City Mayor Rod Daus-Magbual, who also serves on Peninsula Clean Energy’s board of directors. “This project is an example of forward thinking by using clean energy and housing educators and staff that will shape tomorrow’s leaders.”  

The 36,000-square-foot Burlingame Community Center, set to be completed in May, adheres to the city’s climate action plan adopted in 2019 by being Zero Net Energy. That includes a 215-kilowatt solar system, electric appliances and modern architecture designed to maximize on-site renewable energy production and energy efficiency. A dashboard on display in the center’s lobby will allow visitors to see building system energy performance.  

“The Burlingame Community Center proudly showcases our residents’ commitment to fight climate change,” said Burlingame City Council Member Donna Colson, who is also vice chair of Peninsula Clean Energy’s board of directors. “It is a stunning, modern building located in a beautiful wooded park, where it is a constant reminder we can live, play and enrich our lives with clean, all-electric design.” 

The Goforth and Hansen home retrofits included adding a Tesla Powerwall to store power from their rooftop solar panels and replacing their gas-powered water heater, furnace, stove and other appliances with electric models. The Hansen renovation also included a new swimming pool heated by an electric heat pump and a solar pipeline through which to pump the pool water as the primary heat source.  

The Town of Colma’s Town Hall received an 2022 All-Electric Awards – Honorable Mention following the all-electric renovation of a historically significant 1941 building and new construction of 10,300 square feet that is also powered entirely by renewable energy through Peninsula Clean Energy’s ECO100 plan.  

The Flanzer Family was recognized with an 2022 All-Electric Leader – Honorable Mention for renovating their Burlingame home by using Peninsula Clean Energy and BayREN rebates to replace their gas water heater with an electric heat pump. They also replaced their gas furnace with a heat pump, put in a new electric induction stove and installed solar panels and a Tesla Powerwall to offset the new energy use.  

The Whiskey Hill Farm in Woodside also received a 2022 All-Electric Leader – Honorable Mention for renovating a six-decade-old six-stall barn and two-bedroom apartment to become a rare all-electric multi-use residential, commercial and agricultural building in San Mateo County.  

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