Peninsula Clean Energy Used EV Incentive Program 

This page is intended only for participating dealerships

If you have not enrolled your dealership in Peninsula Clean Energy’s dealer network, please reach out to 

Instructions for participating dealerships

What is the process for participating dealership to submit a rebate?  

Step 1: Educate the customer about the Peninsula Clean Energy Used EV rebate 

  • Confirm with the customer that this is only for income-qualifying residents of San Mateo County and the City of Los Banos.  
  • Inform the customer that PCE conducts audits which may result in a clawback. 

Step 2: Make the sale.  

Step 3: At the time of sale, obtain the following items from the customer 

  • Ask the customer to sign a Vehicle Buyer Agreement form. 
  • Obtain a photo of the customer’s drivers license (or other proof of residency) 

Step 4: Include “PCE Rebate” as a line item in the sSales cContract.  

  • The PCE rebate must be separate from other down payments.  
  • In the contract, you can note the rebate in one of the following sections: “F- Other (preferred for us), D-Deferred, I-Cash”  

Step 5: Use the Used EV Reimbursement Form to submit the rebate application.  

Step 6: Once Form has been submitted and approved, you can expect payment in 3-4 weeks as a check or ACH payment.  

If you have any questions about this process, any customer questions, or anything else, please reach out to