Power On Peninsula

Be prepared for power outages with a solar + home battery backup system

Benefit from rebates and reduce your energy costs by selling excess power back to the grid. San Mateo County homeowners get up to $1,250 to install a solar + battery backup system.

Battery backup provides power if the electric grid goes down. With a solar + battery backup system, the solar panels can recharge the battery when the sun is shining and power you through multi-day outages.

Power On Peninsula

Power On Peninsula is an innovative program for San Mateo County from Peninsula Clean Energy that is helping people maintain power during grid outages. It also provides grid storage that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move San Mateo County toward its goal of 100% renewable energy.

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Peninsula Clean Energy is working with Sunrun, a leading provider of solar and backup battery systems. They will help you with program options and qualification, develop a system that best fits your needs, provide installation and ongoing service for the solar and battery systems.