GovEV: Electrification for public fleets

Free technical assistance, project planning, and funding to public agencies for new electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure for their fleets.

Our GovEV Program provides comprehensive planning (at no cost to your agency) and funding to guide your fleet transition to EVs and EV charging infrastructure, including:

  1. EV fleet replacement plan
  2. Fleet EV charging needs assessment
  3. Charging installation plans
  4. Permit-ready plans (if needed)
  5. Funding overview
  6. Energy optimization plan
  7. Energy management services (optional)

Eligibility and Requirements

All public agencies located within Peninsula Clean Energy’s service territory can apply, and all vehicle classes are eligible.

Public agency fleets must commit to replace at least five vehicles or install at least five EV chargers within 12 months and agree to share ongoing charging data with Peninsula Clean Energy. A full list of requirements is available in the Fleet Customer Participation Agreement (PDF).


Funds from the GovEV Program can be used for the incremental cost of EV replacements, EV charging equipment and installation, and energy management services.

Peninsula Clean Energy’s funding contribution is based on the remaining project costs after other grants and rebates are applied. The technical assistance team will advise you about which programs are the best value for your specific project

Eligible project costs not otherwise covered by rebates or grantsLocal agenciesSchools
<$100KUp to 25% of the project cost, or $25K per project (whichever is less)Up to 50% of the project cost, or $50K per project (whichever is less)
>$100KUp to 25% of the project cost, or $25K per project (whichever is less)Up to 50% of the project cost, or $100K per project (whichever is less)

Peninsula Clean Energy’s EV Ready program provides funds for Level 2 charging stations, make-ready infrastructure, and other charging equipment that may be a good fit for many light-duty fleets.

NOTE: Fleets may be eligible for funds from either the Public GovEV Program or the EV Ready program, but not both.

Start now

Even if you are not ready to start the transition of your fleet to EV, we encourage you to apply early and take advantage of our free technical assistance and project planning.

Program overview webinar

November 16, 2022

Public Agency Fleet Webinar Slides (PDF)

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