A Year of EV Commuting to Sacramento: Q&A with Kevin Mullin

We caught up with Assemblymember Mullin one year after he purchased his Chevy Bolt through Peninsula Clean Energy’s new EV discount program in 2018. We wanted to know about his regular all-electric commute from San Mateo County to Sacramento.

“The benefits of an electric vehicle along with the generous rebate made the Bolt an easy decision,” he said. Mullin, who represents much of the County in the State Assembly, lives in South San Francisco with his wife, their twin sons, and a rescue beagle named Sunshine.

What do you like most about your electric car?

Mullin: First and foremost, I like the leg room. As a taller person, that extra space is a real lifesaver. On a more serious note, I really like the environmental benefits that an electric vehicle has to offer. As California looks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Chevy Bolt allows me to do my part. It also allows me to reduce my dependence on fossil fuels, which have negative impacts on our climate and environment.

What’s your commute to the State Capitol like? Can you make it to Sacramento?

Like so many Californians, I am a “super commuter” in that I travel more than 90 minutes to get to and from work. It is usually a 2-hour commute depending on traffic, but I have enough charge to get to Sacramento. However, I do not have enough charge left to get back home, so I charge the Bolt before leaving the Capitol. I primarily charge my Bolt at home and in the Capitol parking garage when I am in Sacramento.

What are your thoughts on Peninsula Clean Energy building 3,500 chargers in San Mateo County?

This is extremely exciting news. As I mentioned previously, I believe there is a lack of infrastructure to adequately support the growing needs of electric vehicles on our roads. These 3,500 chargers will go a long way toward meeting those needs in the years to come. I’m also pleased to hear the recent news that Peninsula Clean Energy received matching funds from the California Energy Commission to further expand charging infrastructure in the county.