Cleaner Energy at Home

clean-energy-homes2If you live in San Mateo County, you now have the opportunity to receive clean and renewable energy from Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE). Our ECOplus rates are lower than what you are currently paying your electric utility. You now have the power to choose where your electricity comes from. When you make the local choice with PCE, you’re helping San Mateo County thrive!

Special rate customers

pce-customersIf you’re enrolled in any of PG&E’s discount programs, you will continue to get your discounts with Peninsula Clean Energy. There’s no need to reapply for: California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE), Federal Electric Rate Assistance (FERA), Medical Baseline Allowance (MBA) and the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). You’ll continue to receive these rate discounts once you’re automatically enrolled, with the added benefit of receiving cleaner electricity at even lower rates. Learn more about discounts on our Lower Your Bill page.


Investing in Our Community

An added benefit of PCE is that the earnings from the program will be reinvested into projects in our community. These could lead to the creation of new green jobs in San Mateo County, as they already have in other counties with similar programs. That’s good for our environment and our community!

The Power of Choice

Signing up for ECO100 means 100% of the power you are paying for comes from clean, renewable sources. Customers can choose to opt up to this option and buy Green-e certified electricity that is 100% renewable and 100% carbon-free at a slight premium of a penny more per kilowatt-hour above Peninsula Clean Energy’s ECOplus option. Opt up to ECO100 today!

Choose 100% Clean Energy


Green-e Energy Certified bannerGreen-e Energy is the nation’s leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy. It is a voluntary consumer-protection program that certifies superior renewable energy options offered by utilities and marketers in the voluntary renewable energy market.


Questions about PCE? Visit our FAQ page for more information.