South San Francisco Wellness Center

Location:  Redwood City
Building Type:  Commercial, new construction
Status:  in construction
Size:  74,000 square feet
Expected completion: 2023
Energy use intensity: 46 (targeted)
Electric / total energy use: 100%
Property owner: County of San Mateo
Contact: Tyler Krehlik
(415) 365-3418


The South San Francisco Wellness Center is a new Health Center and Office building which will expand the San Mateo County Health System's ability to deliver patient care for residents of North San Mateo County, a traditionally underserved population. The combination of diverse services within the building offers a unique opportunity in sculpting its form.

The Wellness Center will house the Medical Clinic, the Adult & Aging Services and other County departments. While these groups offer distinct services, some of their patrons require services from more than one department. Welcoming spaces are inviting, maximize outdoor connections, fully accessible with weather protected canopies at the entrances and pay particular attention to the needs of the diverse patient population.

Both the south and west façade receive much solar radiation throughout the year, therefore ribbon windows embedded in a metal cladded wall are used to limit the glazing area. Horizontal sunshades and deep building overhangs are employed to help mediate glare and solar heat gain.

The building will be built with Mass Timber and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) construction and will be designed per the County Green Building Policy to be all-electric, Net Zero Energy (NZE) and LEED Certified. To achieve Net Zero energy, the design of the façade is sensitive to the environment, minimizing the mechanical load. A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) solar photovoltaic array over the parking lot and on the rooftop and battery power system to allow standby power capacity will be provided to offset building consumption to meet NZE goals.

Special Features:

  • Onsite 582kW solar photovoltaic system
  • Onsite energy storage
  • Heat pump water heater
  • Energy Star appliances
  • High part load efficiency Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems (IEER-22)
  • Backup perimeter heating using electric boiler
  • Reduced lighting power densities 10% beyond CA 2019 code
  • Improved thermal performance of the envelope
  • 100% outside air economizer with enhanced controls to reduce energy consumption

Project Team:

XL Construction