Used Electric Vehicle Rebate Program

Frequently asked questions

Approved residents may instantly redeem Peninsula Clean Energy’s rebate at time of purchase through participating dealerships.

All San Mateo County residents are eligible for the base incentive. Income-qualifying residents may be eligible for the increased incentive.

To qualify for rebates, the EV must be a used plug-in hybrid EV or fully electric EV that is:

  • 8 model years old or newer (e.g. 2021 = model year 2014 or newer)
  • Selling price of $25,000 or less before rebates, as shown in the purchase contract on Line 1A
  • Purchased at a dealership or online retailer (e.g., Carvana), but not through a private sale
  • Purchased after an application is approved by Peninsula Clean Energy

Note: Plug-in hybrid EVs must have a minimum all-electric range of 25 miles

As much as $4,000, rebates vary according to application type and whether incentives are combined with other EV incentive programs. All San Mateo County residents are eligible for the base rebate of $700 for plug-in hybrid EVs and $1,000 for fully electric EVs. Income-qualifying residents may be eligible for the increased rebate of up to an additional $3,000—$1,000 if the Peninsula Clean Energy rebate is combined with another EV rebate program, or $3,000 if the rebate is not combined with any other program rebate.

Unfortunately, no. Residents must apply and be approved for the program prior to purchasing the vehicle to qualify for the rebate.

Yes, Peninsula Clean Energy’s rebate can be combined with other income-qualifying EV rebate programs, such as the Clean Cars for All Program, the Driving Clean Assistance Program, and the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program.

Once approved, you can redeem your rebate two ways:

  1. At the time of purchase through a participating dealership, or
  2. As a post-purchase rebate check mailed to you (if purchased at a non-participating retailer).

Yes. If you purchase your vehicle at one of the participating dealerships, you will receive your rebate at the time of purchase. If you purchase your EV at any other dealership or online retailer (e.g., Carvana), you’ll need to submit your purchase details, wait for verification, and (if verified) receive the rebate check in the mail. Car purchases made from an individual who is not a certified retailer do not qualify for this program.