Used Electric Vehicle Rebate Program

Rebate overview

Offering rebates of up to $4,000, Peninsula Clean Energy makes it easier for residents in its member communities to purchase a used electric vehicle (EV). Used EV owners already save money on fueling and maintenance costs—now they can also enjoy immediate savings at time of purchase.

Plug-in hybrid EVBattery EV
Base rebate$700$1,000
Increased rebate (for income-qualified residents)Up to $3,700 Up to $4,000


  1. Must apply and be approved by Peninsula Clean Energy prior to purchase
  2. Be a San Mateo County or City of Los Banos resident; one rebate per household
  1. Purchase an eligible vehicle:
    • Used plug-in hybrid or battery electric EV, 8 model years old or newer (2023 = 2016 or newer)
    • Plug-in hybrid must have a minimum 25-mile all-electric range
    • Purchase price before rebate(s) cannot exceed $35,000

Next steps

  1. Start your process by filling out the pre-application form. If you are an income-qualified resident, you can schedule a phone consultation with us to help guide you through all your options 
  2. Approval may take up to 7 days. Once approved, you’ll receive an email with details on how to purchase from a participating dealership or other retailers
  3. Purchase a vehicle through a participating dealership for an instant rebate at the time of purchase
    Purchase at a non-participating dealership or online retailer (private sales are not allowed). Submit purchase documents and receive a rebate check in the mail
  4. Drive into a brighter, cleaner future!

Questions about the Used EV Rebate program?


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