Peninsula Clean Energy Awards 11 Community Outreach Grants

Peninsula Clean Energy has awarded grants to San Mateo County organizations and the City of South San Francisco to increase outreach particularly to low-income and other disadvantaged communities on bill savings and other benefits of clean power programs.

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Eight Community Choice Aggregators Partner to Form California Community Power – A Joint Powers Authority

Northern and central coast Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) are joining forces by forming a new Joint Powers Authority (JPA) – California Community Power. The JPA allows the CCAs to combine their buying power to procure new, cost-effective clean energy and reliability resources to continue advancing local and state climate goals.

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Peninsula Clean Energy Signs Trio Of Wind Contracts

Peninsula Clean Energy has agreed to procure 245 megawatts of power from three California wind projects, a significant supplement to a growing portfolio of solar generation that is helping the agency achieve its goal of providing reliable all-renewable, emission-free power by 2025.

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位于金斯县的100兆瓦太阳能项目“野马二旋风(Mustang Two Whirlaway)”已于周三正式开始运营,并将专门为半岛清洁能源客户提供清洁且负担得起的电力。