Among the many innovative programs that Peninsula Clean Energy offers its customers in San Mateo County is its Healthy Home Connect program. It’s designed to assist struggling families in San Mateo County not only with energy-efficiency issues that call for such improvements as new insulation, weather stripping and window replacement, but with health-related concerns as well. Your home could literally be making you ill. Health-related “triggers” such as poor ventilation, rodent infestation and leaking roofs can set off a host of ailments, including asthma, headaches and fatigue. To compound the problem, an unhealthy house affects the most vulnerable – the elderly and children. Peninsula Clean Energy funds Healthy Home Connect in partnership with PG&E and local, state and federal agencies. The result is free home repair for qualified customers. “We really get into the health of the house, that’s where we have to concentrate in our community, especially for fixed-income and low-income (homeowners)” says Joaquin Narvaez, green programs manager with El Concilio, a community nonprofit dedicated to improving quality of life for the underserved. It’s contracted by Peninsula Clean Energy to help run Healthy Home Connect. “People’s houses are deteriorating along with their health,” Narvaez adds. “We want to fix that, and our goal is to expand the program at least county-wide and maybe state-wide.” The Healthy Home Connect process is straightforward, involving an interview with the homeowner and a detailed house inspection.

“我们获得有关任何霉菌或水管问题的信息,房屋内部的空气状况,房屋的建造年份,如果房主住在工业区或高速公路附近,如果他们在家时有任何健康问题的信息家,”纳尔瓦兹说。使用海沃德评分(Hayward Score)对收集到的数据进行分析,该工具用于评估房屋中对健康有影响的问题并为维修和/或更换涉及的物品提出建议。 “海沃德评分的结果为我们提供了对房屋进行与健康相关的改进的指导,”纳尔维斯说。 “它是否需要排气扇来改善空气环境?地毯需要更换吗?”奥克兰的富兰克林能源公司是参与“健康家庭互联”计划的另一家半岛清洁能源承包商。富兰克林能源高级技术服务经理Russell Bayba说:“我们管理着在现场完成工作的人和“健康家庭连接”之间的关系,旨在帮助这些居民消除健康引发因素并创造更健康的房屋。他补充说:“健康方面确实很重要,并且可能比减少能源消耗更大。”那就是佛罗伦萨·乔丹所欣赏的。她是一位老年公民和寡妇,独自生活在1950年代建造的东帕洛阿尔托住宅中。她的主要问题是鼠患。工人更换了屋子下面和外面的通风盖,包括屋檐。他们还更换了她的热水器,增加了门窗的防风雨,并修复了漏水的水龙头。她说:“我非常感激,你不知道多少。” “我与(工人)交谈,他们似乎喜欢他们所做的事-帮助人们。”

艾伦·皮耶罗尼(Allen Pierleoni)