Energizing innovation in the community

Decarbonizing our communities

Decarbonizing our communities can’t be done with status quo thinking and approaches. Our commitment to innovation is a commitment to finding the best methods, approaches, and technologies and putting them into practice in service of improving the air, safety and health of everyone.

Peninsula Clean Energy is actively engaging at each point in the generation, supply and use of electricity — to uncover, pilot and accelerate new approaches and support new thinking to clean electricity and electrification.

Areas of innovation

Renewable energy every hour of the day

Delivering 100% renewable energy that matches demand on an hour-by-hour basis: this is the ultimate prize in supplying clean energy and we're here for it. It requires radically transforming the electricity ecosystem to enable the shaping of renewable resources to match. Transmission bottlenecks and global supply chain disruptions are slowing down project development timelines, but Peninsula Clean Energy is committed to reaching 24/7 renewable energy as soon as possible – balancing the costs and risks for our customers with the need to accelerate our transition to a truly carbon-free electricity portfolio. We continue to procure renewable and storage resources that get us closer and closer our industry-leading renewable goals.

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Enhancing reliability

Solutions to enhance energy reliability come in many forms. On the supply side, Peninsula Clean Energy is contracting for new renewable and storage capacity. On the demand side, we are designing programs that reduce demand and promote solar + storage in homes that can shift solar generation to evening peak. Learn more about recent efforts:

Equitable electrification

Peninsula Clean Energy is expanding equitable electrification for transportation and homes through right-sizing methods and technologies that avoid unnecessary and costly electrical service upgrades.

EV charging

Let’s make it easier for customers to charge EVs where they live and sleep, rent or own their home. Our EV Ready program provides access to overnight Level 1 and power-managed charging. This bucks the expensive trend that overbuilds fast-charging infrastructure (L3) instead of meeting families where they are – at home. Plugging in a car overnight in a dedicated parking spot is easier for tenants and much more cost-effective to install. That frees up funds to install charging for more parking spaces. This approach is more affordable and meets the daily needs of most drivers.

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Home electrification

Costly and lengthy panel and service upgrades are a barrier for home electrification. However, many homes can electrify without that expense or hassle. We successfully demonstrated through pilot projects and region-wide meter analytics that most homes can switch from gas to electric with existing 100-amp capacity, significantly reducing costs.

Guidelines to home electrification with a 100-amp panel

We are expanding to provide whole-home electrification upgrades, including for income-qualified customers. We are also collaborating with more than a dozen community-based organizations to get feedback on how to electrify equitably. And we are working with our community partners to help customers learn about rebates and incentives in multiple languages.