Peninsula Clean Energy is your community partner for cleaner energy at lower rates. As Peninsula Clean Energy customer, you enjoy everyday savings on your energy bills. 

You also have access to offers and rebates for savings on efficient cars, appliances, home efficiency upgrades, and more.

Welcome, Los Banos!

In October 2020, the Los Banos City Council voted to join Peninsula Clean Energy to bring utility savings and rebates and clean electricity to the residents of Los Banos.

Frequently Asked Questions About Peninsula Clean Energy

Thank you Los Banos residents and businesses for being our customers since 2022. We know you have questions, and we have answers.

Peninsula Clean Energy is a local public public agency that provides cleaner energy at lower rates.

How it works

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Peninsula Clean Energy provides electricity from clean energy sources at lower rates than PG&E.

PG&E owns the power lines and delivers the power we generate. They send a consolidated bill.

As a customer of Peninsula Clean Energy, you are helping the environment and saving money.

Peninsula Clean Energy is not an extra charge on your bill. You now pay PG&E for electricity distribution, and Peninsula Clean Energy for generation. Peninsula Clean Energy gives you a 5% to 8% discount on generation rates compared to what you would have paid PG&E. The average Los Banos household saves about $50/year with this automatic discount.

PG&E bills have increased 42% overall in the past five years due to rising PG&E rates, according to the San Jose Mercury News (September 14, 2023).

Here are some of the benefits to Los Banos in the first year since the start of service  in 2022:

  • $1 million lower customer payments when compared to PG&E
  • $350K in rebates for replacing gas appliances with new, efficient, electric appliances
  • $217K sent to solar customers

Los Banos residents and businesses receive the 5% discount on electricity generation automatically. Sign up on our website for thousands of dollars in additional benefits for:

  • Residents: generous rebates on electric air conditioning, heating, and water heaters, plus 0% interest financing. Rebates on used electric vehicles as well.
  • Income-qualified residents: free major electric appliance plus free minor home repairs.
  • Businesses and multi-family buildings: free technical assistance and rebates to install charging for electric vehicles.

Are there changes to my bill?

As a Peninsula Clean Energy customer, you continue to receive your bill from PG&E and can pay it in the same way as before. You pay 5% less on electric generation charges and keep any special discounts such as CARE, FERA, or Medical Baseline.

You can see savings on the average bill here.

You previously paid PG&E for both the generation and delivery of your electricity. Charges for these two services were consolidated under one line item for “electricity” on the first page of your PG&E bill.

When you became a Peninsula Clean Energy customer, your bill separated the cost for generation and the cost for delivery. The “Peninsula Clean Energy Electric Generation Charges” is not an extra charge. This charge replaces what you would have paid to PG&E.

Read more about rates and see bill samples on our residential rates page.

Does Peninsula Clean Energy replace PG&E?

No. In a way, we work in partnership with them. PG&E continues to provide all gas services, electric delivery, billing, and power line maintenance. Peninsula Clean Energy only replaces the electric generation services with cleaner, lower cost electricity.

Community benefits

Peninsula Clean Energy is a community-controlled, not-for-profit public agency providing electrical power and environmental and economic benefits to our member communities. We offer a variety of programs and rebates to help customers save money and switch to cleaner, healthier, and safer energy sources. Our programs include incentives for used electric vehicle purchases, appliance rebates, home efficiency upgrades and many others. 

Why did Los Banos join Peninsula Clean Energy?

The construction of the Wright Solar Project introduced the City of Los Banos to Peninsula Clean Energy. This local Los Banos solar farm generates clean solar energy exclusively for Peninsula Clean Energy customers. A feasibility study revealed that joining Peninsula Clean Energy would yield the greatest benefit for Los Banos.

To learn more, download the Feasibility Study.


While we don’t want to lose you as a customer, you always have the choice to opt out. We typically charge an administrative fee ($5 residential and $25 commercial) for customers who opt out after 60 days of receiving service from Peninsula Clean Energy. You can opt out here or by calling 1-866-966-0110.

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