Design guidance: residential electrification

Resources for residential building owners, designers, contractors, and electrification program developers

Buildings are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Fully electrifying them using clean electricity helps us fight climate change. How can you minimize construction costs and infrastructure upgrades while maximizing energy cost savings and providing high-quality building environments, appliance features and performance? Here are some helpful technical resources and case studies to assist you in the development of electrification plans while maintaining safety and resiliency.

Design guidelines for home electrification

How to decarbonize within existing site electrical capacity

Heat pump water heating

Design recommendations for single-family and multifamily heat pump water heating.

Heat pump heating and cooling

Design and equipment recommendations for air source heat pump heating and air conditioning.

Heat pump pool heating

Manufacturer options, design considerations, energy cost savings, and equipment prices for heating pools with heat pumps.

Avoiding electric infrastructure upgrades

Strategies for residential electrification that enable full electrification without requiring an expensive and prolonged service upgrade process.

Pilot Project Results

Results from Peninsula Clean Energy pilot projects.

Final reports from 4 homes receiving combined space and water heating systems from Harvest (2023):


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