Data Connect

Access or share your electric utility data

Peninsula Clean Energy’s Data Connect provides free, secure, authorized access to energy data. Data Connect uses the UtilityAPI platform to access customer energy data and keep the data secure.  UtilityAPI provides service and support for Data Connect.

Commercial customers, municipalities, and county agencies

Register as a commercial user to access your own energy data associated with your company’s accounts.  If you have already registered, log in to access your Data Connect dashboard.

Data Connect can help you:

  • Analyze your facility energy data to support energy cost-saving measures 
  • Access data to help you calculate your energy carbon footprint 
  • Measure and track progress on your corporate sustainability goals 

Learn how to use Data Connect as a commercial customer

Third Parties and Contractors

To request permission to access utility data from Peninsula Clean Energy customers, you must register as a third party.  If you are already a UtilityAPI customer, simply log in to your dashboard.

Data Connect can help you:

  • Analyze your customer’s energy use at their business or property
  • Lower your clean energy business’s operating costs

Learn how to use Data Connect as a third party

Residential customers

As a Peninsula Clean Energy residential customer, you can share your data with an authorized third party business.  You must authorize data sharing with the specific business before they can access your data.  Browse the directory for a participating third party or authorize a third party to access your data below. 

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