Energy Choices

Peninsula Clean Energy is delivering cleaner, greener electricity at lower rates. You can choose between two different product options, ECOplus and ECO100. Each product has a different amount of sustainable energy from renewable sources like solar and wind.


ECOplus is our default electric option, in which you are automatically enrolled.

  • Lower rates than what you currently pay PG&E
  • 50% renewable and 100% clean energy


ECO100 is for those who want to help make the greatest impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 100% renewable and carbon-free Costs $0.01 per kWh more than our ECOplus option

ECO100 is Green-e Energy certified, and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions.

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ECO100 rates

ECO100 costs $0.01 per kWh more than our ECOplus option. Our average residential customer uses 425 kWh per month, so ECO100 will cost the average residential customer $4.25 per month above ECOplus. Compared to PG&E’s rates, ECO100 is expected to cost about $2.50 per month extra for a typical residential customer. To enroll in ECO100, click the “Choose 100% Renewable Energy” button below.

ECO100 cost calculator

Solar and net energy metering

If you have solar or wind generation installed at your home or business, Peninsula Clean Energy will pay you higher rates for your generated energy than PG&E does. Net Energy Metering (NEM) is a way of earning credit for the renewable power you produce to offset some or all of the charges you would normally pay for using power. If you are already a NEM customer with PG&E, your account will be automatically enrolled in our NEM program—which pays you higher rates for your surplus electricity than PG&E does.

For more information on solar and net energy metering, visit our Solar Customers page.

Opt out

There are many benefits that make staying with Peninsula Clean Energy the smart choice for the community. But if you do choose to opt-out of the program, you may do so at any time during the enrollment process by calling (866) 966-0110 or visiting our Opt Out page.

Re-enroll in Peninsula Clean Energy

Enrollment in our service is automatic. However, if you have taken action to opt out in the past, you can always come back and enroll in our service with cleaner energy at lower rates. In some cases, you will need to wait one year before returning to our service. Please follow the link below submit your re-enrollment request.

Terms and conditions of service