Water heater rebates – Los Banos

Is your water heater 10 years old or older?

Los Banos residents can get generous rebates to install an efficient electric heat pump water heater.

Start today: Demand for heat pump water heater installations is growing. Contractor schedules and order times for some popular models require advanced planning.

Benefits of electric heat pump water heaters

More efficient

At least three times more efficient than water heaters fueled by methane gas (natural gas)


No gas combustion emissions or hazards


Heat pump water heaters powered by Peninsula Clean Energy use clean electricity

Los Banos heat pump water heater rebate levels

To qualify for Peninsula Clean Energy rebates, a new electric heat pump water heater must be installed on or after April 1, 2022 at an address located in the City of Los Banos.

Los Banos residents can get incentives from Peninsula Clean Energy whether you do your project yourself or with any contractor. 

Heat pump water heater 1 Peninsula Clean Energy rebates 2
Replace methane gas water heater $1,000
Replace electric resistance water heater $500
Additional bonus incentives
CARE/FERA customers3 $1,000
Main panel upgrade to 100 amps $1,500
Main panel upgrade up to 200 amps $750
Subpanel upgrade $750

Heat pumps must have UEF of 3.1 or greater. All tank sizes (gallons) acceptable.
2 Peninsula Clean Energy rebates go directly to the customer/resident.
California Alternative Rates for Energy Program / Family Electric Rate Assistance Program

How to get a rebate

Follow the steps below and you will receive a rebate check from Peninsula Clean Energy.

  1. Plan your project.
    • Find a contractor. Or you can do the project yourself if you are qualified to do so. See more information on planning your project below.
    • Get a building permit for your project from the City of Los Banos, or ensure your contractor gets a permit on your behalf.
  2. Install your electric heat pump water heater.
  3. Apply for your rebate using our form. You will need to upload:
    1. Your building permit issued by the City of Los Banos for this installation
    2. Your contractor invoice for the project, or the receipt for the purchase of your heat pump water heater if you installed it yourself
    3. Photos of your installation:
      • Photo showing entire heat pump water heater fully installed at your location
      • Close-up photo of the manufacturer’s label on the installed heat pump water heater
      • If you are applying for an incentive for a panel upgrade: photo showing the inside of your new electrical panel

Planning your project

A qualified contractor can evaluate your home and help you understand factors that may affect the ease and cost of installation, including: 

  • Electrical: You may need changes or upgrades to your electrical panel.  You may also need electrical wiring to the point of installation. Rebates can help offset some of the costs.
  • Location: Heat pump water heaters typically have larger space requirements than a methane gas water heater. They are best suited for installation in a garage, but may be installed in a closet if it is properly ventilated and sound-proofed. Modifications to the existing location or relocation may be needed.

Get even more rebates

Check to see if additional incentives are offered by manufacturers, PG&E Marketplace, or other organizations. These do not disqualify you or affect your eligibility for our programs. In fact, you can layer these on top of incentives from Peninsula Clean Energy.