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Electric Eco Hero Student Activity Packet

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Electric Eco Hero Student Activity Packet

Now more then ever, students are aware of climate change and the challenges our society will face. Since it is their generation that will be the most impacted, educating students about climate change and its causes and effects is essential. We also need to teach about the powerful local actions we are taking to help their generation and how they can get involved.

To help educators, Peninsula Clean Energy has created a math and science activity packet designed to make teaching about climate change more accessible and easy. Students learn how climate change impacts San Mateo County as well as our local transition to clean electricity, and calculate the environmental and economic impacts of everyday energy choices. Check it out, and request free hard copies for classrooms in San Mateo County by emailing Tj Carter at

Download Electric Eco Hero student activity packet.

Interactive pinwheel activity.

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Make Your Own Clean Energy

Find instructions and templates for our fun and interactive pinwheel activity.

Download Pinwheel Instructions and Template

Where does your electricity come from?


Where does your electricity come from?

Download Electricity Infographic