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Jan. 26, 2024

Peninsula Clean Energy Announces 0% Rate Increase for All Customers in San Mateo County and the City of Los Banos

Freezing rates at 2023 levels will increase rate savings when compared to PG&E

REDWOOD CITY, CA – In response to the announcement of a 15 percent rate increase from PG&E, the Board of Directors of Peninsula Clean Energy has voted to freeze its electricity rates until at least June 30, 2024. This decision effectively increases the discount customers receive on electricity for at least six months.

The Board’s decision is reflective of Peninsula Clean Energy’s commitment to its customers. By keeping customer electric generation rates at 2023 levels, Peninsula Clean Energy customers will save between 10-15 percent on electric generation charges compared to PG&E, with variations based on how customers use their energy and their specific rate plan.

“We know energy costs are skyrocketing and growing increasingly difficult for our communities to afford, so we’re doing something about it,” Peninsula Clean Energy CEO Shawn Marshall said.

“Peninsula Clean Energy is a nonprofit energy agency built to serve communities through its local leaders and direct ties to the customers, who are our neighbors, friends and family,” said Rick DeGolia, Atherton council member and chair of Peninsula Clean Energy’s board of directors. “Our job is to provide our customers affordable, clean energy, and this decision is an important reflection of keeping electricity costs as low as we can.”

Since its inception in 2016, Peninsula Clean Energy has offered its customers a discount of at least five percent below PG&E’s baseline electric generation rate. This decision significantly increases that discount for at least six months.

Peninsula Clean Energy appears as a separate line item on customer PG&E bills, replacing a higher charge imposed by PG&E for generating power. PG&E still charges all customers, including those receiving Peninsula Clean Energy-generated power, for delivering the electricity and for all gas service.

Peninsula Clean Energy also offers a variety of customer energy programs to lower costs, incentives to replace old gas appliances, and rebates to make the switch to electric transportation. For information about our energy programs and more ways to reduce your energy costs, visit

About Peninsula Clean Energy
Peninsula Clean Energy is a Community Choice Aggregation agency. It is the official electricity provider for San Mateo County and for the City of Los Banos. Founded in 2016 with a mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the agency serves a population of 810,000 by providing more than 3,600 gigawatt hours annually of electricity that is 50 percent renewable, 100 percent clean and at lower cost than PG&E. As a community-led, not-for-profit agency, Peninsula Clean Energy makes significant investments in its communities to expand access to sustainable and affordable energy solutions. Peninsula Clean Energy is on track to deliver electricity that is 100 percent renewable by 2025. Follow us at, XFacebook and LinkedIn.