Be prepared for fire season!

You may qualify for free portable backup batteries for medical needs

Do you rely on electricity to power a medical device or need? Do you live in an area of San Mateo County that has experienced fire season power shutoffs? You may qualify for resources to help keep you safe at home during power shutoffs, including free portable backup batteries to power your device.

Customers with medical devices who live in the following areas may be eligible:

Apply for free resources

If you need help completing this online application, or have other questions, please call Senior Coastsiders, who are helping us implement this program, at (650) 726-9056.

After the form has been received, Senior Coastsiders will contact you  to determine eligibility, complete the application process, and provide other assistance included in the program.

This is part of our Power On Peninsula program that is helping  people get access to clean backup power during power outages. For information on other programs that will help you prepare for power outages, please review the Additional Assistance links shown.

Information on the online application will be shared between program partners only for the purpose of administering this program. Learn more about customer privacy