Commercial programs and rebates

In addition to providing clean energy at lower rates, Peninsula Clean Energy invests in local energy programs to further reduce carbon emissions from buildings and transportation.


Data Connect

Free, secure, authorized access to energy data. Data Connect uses the UtilityAPI platform to access customer energy data and keep the data secure. UtilityAPI provides service and support for Data Connect.

Design guidance: residential electrification

Residential electrification guidelines and resources for building owners, contractors, and designers

Technical design assistance

Get free technical design assistance for all-electric buildings

EV Charging

EV Ready charging program

Learn about the program and next steps to apply

About EV charging

What are Level 1, 2 and 3 chargers, and which is best for your property?

EV charging installation incentives

You may qualify for multiple incentives, see amounts here.

Local Governments

Reach codes

Technical assistance on codes for low-carbon buildings and EV readiness

Public EV Fleets

Free technical assistance, project planning, and funding to public agencies for new electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure

EV strategy and technical resources

Detailed technical design guidance on Peninsula Clean Energy's EV charging strategies to reduce cost and expand access, including resources and case studies for public agencies and other EV infrastructure stakeholders

Solar and Storage for Public Buildings

Design, procurement and installation of solar and storage systems with group buy at no up-front cost

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