Commercial programs and rebates

Reinvesting in the community

In addition to providing clean energy at lower rates, Peninsula Clean Energy invests in local energy programs to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the San Mateo County Community.

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The switch to clean electricity is on. In fact, an increasing number of jurisdictions are enacting reach codes for new construction to include safe, healthy, all-electric designs. We are assisting by providing information, programs, and rebates for the electrification of buildings.


Gas-powered transportation is the single largest source of carbon emissions in San Mateo County. In order to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) we have programs and incentives for property owners to install EV chargers.


Backup power is needed by our customers in the event of grid outages. Our resiliency plan prioritizes medically vulnerable residents in high fire areas that have high chance of power shutoffs, and critical facilities. It also includes other programs, including rebates for residents to install solar panels + battery storage.

Supporting Innovation

Peninsula Clean Energy has pilot projects that foster new technologies and develop new partnerships to increase access to affordable and sustainable clean energy solutions.

Read the program summary.