Tarifas de Residenciales

¿Cuáles son mis tarifas?

Have you noticed Peninsula Clean Energy on your PG&E bill? That’s how you know you are getting cleaner energy at lower rates. It is not an additional charge.

Charges for electricity on your PG&E bill are divided into two parts:

Peninsula Clean Energy
Electric Generation Charges

These charges are for generating the amount of electricity you use. Customers receive a Ahorro 5% for our standard ECOplus  service when compared to PG&E’s  rates.

Current PG&E
Electric Delivery Charges

These charges are for maintaining PG&E’s wires, infrastructure, and delivering electricity to your home are the same for Peninsula Clean Energy and non-Peninsula Clean Energy customers.


Los clientes inscritos en Peninsula Clean Energy mantienen sus descuentos completos de CARE / FERA y Medical Baseline. No es necesario volver a aplicar, y no hay ningún cambio en las tasas de descuento. Obtenga más información sobre los descuentos en nuestra página Baje su Factura.

Muestra de Comparación de Costos Residenciales

(En vigencia a partir del 15 de mayo de 2020)
Cargos Mensuales Típicos de Electricidad

The table above is based on a typical usage of 427 kWh at PG&E rates as of May 1, 2020 and Peninsula Clean Energy rates effective as of May 15, 2020 under the E-1 rate schedule. PG&E renewable energy and greenhouse gas-free percentages are as of 2019. Actual usage and totals will vary depending on usage, rate schedule, and other factors. The estimate provided is an average of seasonal rates.

In addition to the electric generation charges, there are fees that Peninsula Clean Energy customers pay to PG&E (PCIA and Franchise Fee). We include these added fees in our cost comparisons so you can see the actual savings that Peninsula Clean Energy provides when all costs are considered. Peninsula Clean Energy rates are set by Peninsula Clean Energy’s Board of Directors at public meetings.

Muestra de Comparación de Costos Residenciales

Comparación de costos conjuntos de PG&E a partir de 2020 (PDF) - Una hoja de tarifas coproducida por Peninsula Clean Energy y PG&E que compara los costos promedio mensuales para todas las clases de tarifas.

Having trouble calculating your savings? Watch the short instructional video!

Tarifas de ECO100

If you want to do more for the environment, consider our ECO100 service. It provides energy that is 100% carbon-free and 100% renewable and costs only $0.01 per kWh more than our standard ECOplus service.

Calcule su ECOplus ahorros (.pdf)
Calcule su ECO100 cuenta (.pdf)

Descargue nuestros documentos de muestra o utilice nuestra Calculadora de ahorros en línea o las hojas de trabajo imprimibles a continuación.

Calcule cuánto está ahorrando cada mes como un cliente de Peninsula Clean Energy.

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