Residential Rates

When you see Peninsula Clean Energy on your bill, you are getting cleaner energy and saving money.

How it works

Illustration showing the process from electricity generation with wind and solar, through delivery via power lines, to customers using clean energy in buildings and vehicles.
Illustration of wind turbine and solar panels representing electricity generation.

Peninsula Clean Energy provides electricity from clean energy sources at lower rates than PG&E.

Illustration of a building, house, and car representing customers.
PG&E owns the power lines and delivers the power we generate. They send a consolidated bill.
Illustration of a building, house, and car representing customers.

As a customer of Peninsula Clean Energy, you are helping the environment and saving money.

Charges for electricity on your PG&E bill include

Peninsula Clean Energy electric generation 

These charges are for generating the electricity you use. Customers save money with our standard ECOplus service when compared to PG&E’s rates.

PG&E electric delivery 

These charges for maintaining PG&E’s wires, infrastructure, and delivering electricity to your home are the same for Peninsula Clean Energy and non-Peninsula Clean Energy customers.

Sample residential cost comparison

The tables show typical monthly electric charges based on rates current January 1, 2024 under the E-TOU-C rate schedule. Actual usage and totals will vary depending on usage, rate schedule, and other factors. The estimate provided is an average of seasonal rates.

What are my rates?

Rates Effective March 1, 2024

If you joined between 2016 and June 30, 2022, you will be on Vintage 2016 rates.

If you joined on or after July 1, 2022, you will be on the Vintage 2022 rates.

If you opted out and rejoin now, you will be on Vintage 2022 rates.

Customer ClassPG&E
Equivalent Schedule
Charge TypePeninsula Clean Energy Rate $/kWhWith
PG&E Surcharges* $/kWh
Generation Rate $/kWh
ResidentialE-1, EM, ES, ESR, ETAll Total0.143880.155910.17638
ResidentialE-6Summer Peak0.266670.27870.30462
ResidentialE-6Summer Part-Peak0.187890.199920.22169
ResidentialE-6Summer Off-Peak0.121220.133250.15151
ResidentialE-6Winter Part-Peak0.152430.164460.17792
ResidentialE-6Winter Off-Peak0.120320.132350.14412
ResidentialEV-A, EV-BSummer Peak0.293210.305240.34566
ResidentialEV-A, EV-BSummer Part-Peak0.156920.168950.20219
ResidentialEV-A, EV-BSummer Off-Peak0.112860.124890.15581
ResidentialEV-A, EV-BWinter Peak0.108470.12050.15119
ResidentialEV-A, EV-BWinter Part-Peak0.084860.096890.12634
ResidentialEV-A, EV-BWinter Off-Peak0.084860.096890.12634
ResidentialEV2Summer Peak0.203920.215950.23838
ResidentialEV2Summer Part-Peak0.161450.173480.19367
ResidentialEV2Summer Off-Peak0.122370.13440.15253
ResidentialEV2Winter Peak0.14990.161930.18151
ResidentialEV2Winter Part-Peak0.138030.150060.16902
ResidentialEV2Winter Off-Peak0.115730.127760.14554
ResidentialE-TOU-BSummer Peak0.254820.266850.29158
ResidentialE-TOU-BSummer Off-Peak0.137920.149950.16852
ResidentialE-TOU-BWinter Peak0.154120.166150.18558
ResidentialE-TOU-BWinter Off-Peak0.117260.129290.14678
ResidentialE-TOU-CSummer Peak0.195860.207890.23139
ResidentialE-TOU-CSummer Off-Peak0.135590.147620.16795
ResidentialE-TOU-CWinter Peak0.149690.161720.1828
ResidentialE-TOU-CWinter Off-Peak0.125910.137940.15777
ResidentialE-TOU-DSummer Peak0.218610.230640.25459
ResidentialE-TOU-DSummer Off-Peak0.118900.130930.14963
ResidentialE-TOU-DWinter Peak0.179780.191810.21372
ResidentialE-TOU-DWinter Off-Peak0.146460.158490.17864
ResidentialE-ELECSummer Peak0.275540.287570.31302
ResidentialE-ELECSummer Part-Peak0.181390.193420.21391
ResidentialE-ELECSummer Off-Peak0.138540.150570.16881
ResidentialE-ELECWinter Peak0.121520.133550.15089
ResidentialE-ELECWinter Part-Peak0.102550.114580.13092
ResidentialE-ELECWinter Off-Peak0.089870.10190.11757

*Peninsula Clean Energy's generation rates are calculated using the 2016 Vintage Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) and Franchise Fee rates.

Customer ClassPG&E
Equivalent Schedule
Charge TypePeninsula Clean Energy
Rate $/kWh
With PG&E Surcharges* $/kWhPG&E
Generation Rate $/kWh
ResidentialE-1, EM, ES, ESR, ETAll Total0.134210.135880.17638
ResidentialE-6Summer Peak0.257000.258670.30462
ResidentialE-6Summer Part-Peak0.178220.179890.22169
ResidentialE-6Summer Off-Peak0.111550.113220.15151
ResidentialE-6Winter Part-Peak0.142760.144430.17792
ResidentialE-6Winter Off-Peak0.110650.112320.14412
ResidentialEV-A, EV-BSummer Peak0.283540.285210.34566
ResidentialEV-A, EV-BSummer Part-Peak0.147250.148920.20219
ResidentialEV-A, EV-BSummer Off-Peak0.103190.104860.15581
ResidentialEV-A, EV-BWinter Peak0.098800.100470.15119
ResidentialEV-A, EV-BWinter Part-Peak0.075190.076860.12634
ResidentialEV-A, EV-BWinter Off-Peak0.075190.076860.12634
ResidentialEV2Summer Peak0.194250.195920.23838
ResidentialEV2Summer Part-Peak0.151780.153450.19367
ResidentialEV2Summer Off-Peak0.112700.114370.15253
ResidentialEV2Winter Peak0.140230.14190.18151
ResidentialEV2Winter Part-Peak0.128360.130030.16902
ResidentialEV2Winter Off-Peak0.106060.107730.14554
ResidentialE-TOU-BSummer Peak0.245150.246820.29158
ResidentialE-TOU-BSummer Off-Peak0.128250.129920.16852
ResidentialE-TOU-BWinter Peak0.144450.146120.18558
ResidentialE-TOU-BWinter Off-Peak0.107590.109260.14678
ResidentialE-TOU-CSummer Peak0.186190.187860.23139
ResidentialE-TOU-CSummer Off-Peak0.125920.127590.16795
ResidentialE-TOU-CWinter Peak0.140020.141690.1828
ResidentialE-TOU-CWinter Off-Peak0.116240.117910.15777
ResidentialE-TOU-DSummer Peak0.208940.210610.25459
ResidentialE-TOU-DSummer Off-Peak0.109230.11090.14963
ResidentialE-TOU-DWinter Peak0.170110.171780.21372
ResidentialE-TOU-DWinter Off-Peak0.136790.138460.17864
ResidentialE-ELECSummer Peak0.265870.267540.31302
ResidentialE-ELECSummer Part-Peak0.171720.173390.21391
ResidentialE-ELECSummer Off-Peak0.128870.130540.16881
ResidentialE-ELECWinter Peak0.111850.113520.15089
ResidentialE-ELECWinter Part-Peak0.092880.094550.13092
ResidentialE-ELECWinter Off-Peak0.080200.081870.11757

*Peninsula Clean Energy's generation rates are calculated using the 2022 Vintage Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) and Franchise Fee rates.

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Rate comparison

Compare typical electric rates, average monthly charges and generation portfolio contents in the comparisons we created jointly with PG&E:

Savings Calculator

Calculate how much you are saving per month with Peninsula Clean Energy's ECOplus.

Lower your bill

Customers enrolled in Peninsula Clean Energy still receive their full CARE/FERA and Medical Baseline discounts. There’s no need to reapply, and there is no change in the discount rates.

Trouble understanding your bill?

Your bill includes a charge for electricity generation. If you see Peninsula Clean Energy generation, you are getting electricity from us instead of PG&E. Its cleaner and our ECOplus costs less – you  save money!

These samples may help you understand the details of your bill.

Energy Choices


Most of our customers are automatically enrolled in ECOplus service, which costs less than PG&E, is 50% renewable and 100% clean energy.


If you want to do more for the environment, upgrade to ECO100 service. It provides energy that is 100% renewable and carbon free and costs only $0.01 per kWh more than our standard ECOplus service. In Portola Valley, customers are automatically enrolled in ECO100, based on their Town Council’s vote to go carbon-free and 100% renewable. This makes Portola Valley one of the first towns in California to be entirely 100% renewable!

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