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What are my rates?

Have you noticed Peninsula Clean Energy on your PG&E bill? That’s how you know you are getting cleaner energy at lower rates. It is not an additional charge.

Residential rates effective April 1, 2021
Download Peninsula Clean Energy rates, along with PG&E’s rates, for generation service.

Solar net metering rates
Learn how producing solar energy can impact your bill if you are a solar net energy metering customer.

Time-of-use (TOU) rate transition
The transition from E-1 to E-TOU-C will occur in September, 2021.

How it works

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How it works

Peninsula Clean Energy provides electricity from clean energy sources at lower rates than PG&E.

As a customer of Peninsula Clean Energy, you are helping the environment and saving money.

PG&E owns the power lines and delivers the power we generate. They send a consolidated bill.

Charges for electricity on your PG&E bill include

Peninsula Clean Energy electric generation 

These charges are for generating the electricity you use. Customers save money with our standard ECOplus service when compared to PG&E’s rates.

PG&E electric delivery 

These charges for maintaining PG&E’s wires, infrastructure, and delivering electricity to your home are the same for Peninsula Clean Energy and non-Peninsula Clean Energy customers.

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Sample bills

These samples may help you understand the details of your bill.

Energy choices

Most of our customers are automatically enrolled in ECOplus service, which costs less than PG&E and is 100% carbon-free.

If you want to do more for the environment, upgrade to ECO100 service. It provides energy that is 100% carbon-free and 100% renewable and costs only $0.01 per kWh more than our standard ECOplus service. In Portola Valley, customers are automatically enrolled in ECO100, based on their Town Council’s vote to go carbon-free and 100% renewable. This makes Portola Valley one of the first towns in California to be entirely 100% renewable!

Discount rates

Customers enrolled in Peninsula Clean Energy still receive their full CARE/FERA and Medical Baseline discounts. There’s no need to reapply, and there is no change in the discount rates.

Sample residential cost comparison

(Effective Feb 1, 2021)
Typical Monthly Electric Charges

 Peninsula Clean Energy
PG&E (opt-out)
Electricity generation rate$0.06196$0.11209
PG&E electricity delivery rate$0.16476$0.16476
Additional PG&E charges$0.04453N/A
Total electricity rate $0.27125$0.27685
Average total monthly cost$122.58

The table above is based on a typical usage of 452 kWh at PG&E rates as of Jan. 1, 2021 and Peninsula Clean Energy rates effective as of Feb. 1, 2021 under the E-1 rate schedule. Actual usage and totals will vary depending on usage, rate schedule, and other factors. The estimate provided is an average of seasonal rates.

Savings Calculator

Calculate how much you are saving per month with Peninsula Clean Energy’s ECOplus.

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