Understanding your bill for the E-1 CARE rate

Peninsula Clean Energy provides electric generation that is cleaner and costs you less than the same service from PG&E. Our electric generation charges on your bill replace, and are instead of, PG&E’s.

While PG&E does not charge Peninsula Clean Energy customers for electric generation, they continue to charge for electric delivery, which includes the use and maintenance of their poles, wires, and other equipment.

Below, we explain important components of your bill and where to find them.

Sample bill | Page 1
  1. This is your PG&E account number. It is helpful to have this number when you are discussing your bill with either PG&E or Peninsula Clean Energy. 
  2. PG&E delivery charges include maintenance of the poles, wires, and other infrastructure. These charges also include services such as customer service and billing. These rates are the same whether you receive your electricity generation from PG&E or Peninsula Clean Energy.  
  3. This charge is by Peninsula Clean Energy for generation of power. It is instead of PG&E’s charge and costs less and is cleaner than PG&E power generation. 
  4. Methane gas charges are from PG&E. Peninsula Clean Energy does not supply gas. 
  5. If you are enrolled in a rate discount program, the savings are shown here. 
Sample bill | Page 4
  1. Your rate schedule and any enrolled discount programs are shown here 
  2. Under this rate, PG&E charges higher amounts for electricity delivery as your usage reaches into each tier. This area shows your usage and the corresponding charge in each tier. Note that Peninsula Clean Energy charges the same rate for its electricity generation in each tier. 
  3. Your discount programs will be included here along with the savings for electric delivery charges. 
  4. This is the electric generation credit from PG&E. Since you now receive electricity generation from Peninsula Clean Energy, PG&E credits your account for the amount they would have charged for their electricity generation.  
  5. The Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) is a fee PG&E charges to cover the cost of electricity they contracted for on your behalf prior to Peninsula Clean Energy. Note that we include this in our rates and cost comparisons and ensure that you save money with Peninsula Clean Energy generation when compared to PG&E generation. 
  6. This Franchise Fee (FF) surcharge pays for PG&E’s right to use public streets to deliver electricity to your home. 
  7. This is your total monthly electricity use 
  8. This shows the charge for electricity delivery, adjusted for your enrolled discount. 
Sample bill | Page 5
  1. This is your rate schedule, and the electricity generation charges under this schedule.  Note that charges for this rate schedule do not vary based upon tiers. 
  2. This is collected from all customers regardless of service provider on behalf of the California Public Utilities Commission. 
Sample bill | Page 7
  1. This is a breakdown of PG&E’s electric delivery charges (further detail of the charges are on page 4) 

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