Time-of-use transition & bill protection

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has directed the transition of residential customers from the E-1 (Tiered) Rate to a Time-Of-Use (TOU) rate. California is advancing toward a clean energy future by purchasing energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar, and hydroelectric. Implementing time-of-use rates is another important step to move the State more quickly to 100% carbon-free energy. 

Time-of-use is important

Electricity demand peaks in the evening when solar generation tapers off and people start to cook/use household appliances. To provide for this dramatic increase in demand, typically fossil fuel power plants are used. With time-of-use rates, electricity is priced higher during this peak period, but lower during the rest of the day.

Benefits of time-of-use rate plans:

  • Lower electricity rates during off-peak (19 hours each day)
  • More control over your energy bill to reduce costs
  • Greater use of renewable energy and a reduction in carbon emissions
  • A path to a cleaner and healthier energy future 

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You have a choice

Every home is unique. When deciding which rate to choose, consider your lifestyle and when your household uses the most electricity. You have the option to: 

  • Do nothing and automatically transition to E-TOU-C, the time-of-use (peak pricing 4-9 p.m. every day) rate plan, risk-free*
  • Decline the transition to a TOU rate and remain on your current rate plan by calling PG&E at 1-800-743-5000 or visiting pge.com/toubp. 
  • Choose a different TOU rate plan (visit pge.com/TOUchoice for a rate comparison) 

Peak pricing 4-9 p.m. every day

If you take no action, your rate in September 2021 will be E-TOU-C, the time-of-use (peak pricing 4-9 p.m. every day) rate plan. The price per kilowatt-hour changes based on the time of day. Prices are lower during most of the day when overall electricity demand is lower. Electricity prices are higher from 4-9 p.m. when overall demand is higher. You might save money without making any changes to when you use electricity, but by making changes such as running the dishwasher and doing laundry during lower-priced times, you may benefit even more. 

*Try it risk free

Try the E-TOU-C rate plan for the first 12 months with automatic bill protection. If you pay more on the generation portion of your electric bill than you would have on your current rate plan, Peninsula Clean Energy will credit you the difference at the end of the first 12 months. If you decide you are not satisfied on this rate plan, you can switch to another rate plan at any time, and you will still be eligible for bill protection for the months that you were on the TOU rate plan.