Reach Codes

Peninsula Clean Energy is supporting our municipalities to adopt building codes that will result in safer and more comfortable buildings, increase our electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and reduce our carbon footprint. 

As part of this support, we are providing extensive technical assistance plus a $10,000 incentive to each city that brings reach codes to their councils. For more information, please visit 

What are reach codes? 

In addition to California State required building codes, cities and counties may adopt more advanced, or enhanced, building codes, which are known as reach codes. 

Reach codes can provide additional health, safety and environmental benefits. They may be implemented using one of two approaches: 

  • Prescriptive codes: Require one or more specific energy measures 
  • Performance codes: Require a building to perform more efficiently based on accepted computer modelling and allow trade-offs between energy measures 

Seventeen agencies within San Mateo County and Santa Clara County have adopted reach codes in recent months, including Menlo Park, Brisbane and San Mateo. 

Why establish reach codes? 

Reach codes can help lower costs, improve internal air quality which can be helpful to people with certain respiratory conditions, lower the risk of fire, and reduce climate change pollution. We are working with the cities and the county to adopt codes that encourage the electrification of buildings and transportation. Through electrification, we can transition from burning natural gas and other fossil fuels to power provided by clean, carbon-free sources of electricity. As a result, residents, businesses—the entire community—benefit.  

For more information including model codes, resources, how to receive funding and technical assistance, and more, please visit 

Northern California Jurisdictions with Decarbonized Reach Code

Image created by Redwood Energy 9/1/2020 (source:

California Jurisdictions with Decarbonized Reach Code

Image created by Redwood Energy 9/1/2020 (source: