Power On Peninsula


Be prepared for outages and be part of a more energy resilient community. Our Power On Peninsula program helps residents maintain electricity when the grid is down. By fully participating in the grid storage program, you get backup power and reduce your energy costs while helping our community reach its goal of using 100% renewable energy.

Battery back-up and solar + battery storage systems

You may qualify for $500 when you install solar and storage by participating in the Power On Peninsula program. Learn more below:

Power On Peninsula is part of our strategy to provide energy resiliency for the communities we serve. Read more here.

Innovation that benefits our customer and our community

Power On Peninsula is an innovative program that has the following benefits:

  • helps maintain power during grid outages, with an extra effort made for vulnerable segments of our community
  • advances clean power over fossil fuel, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • creates local electricity production capacity
  • provides a community electric storage network that increases resiliency, helps stabilize prices, and enables us to move to 100% renewable energy

Power On Peninsula is part of our strategy to provide energy resiliency. Learn more.