On the Path to 100% Renewable Energy For San Mateo County by 2025

At Peninsula Clean Energy, the Power Resources Team specializes in procuring renewable energy to power San Mateo County. San Mateo County uses roughly 3,600 GWh of energy annually; that’s enough to power a Nissan Leaf to make nearly 127,000,000 trips from San Mateo County to Sacramento! With PCE offering 50% and 100% renewable energy options to its customers, the Power Resources Team is busy year-round making sure the residents of San Mateo County are getting clean energy at low rates. And with our GHG-Free portion of our energy options rising by 5% every year, we’re always raising the bar.

Integrated Resource Plan

The Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) provides guidance for serving the electric needs of the residents and businesses in San Mateo County while meeting PCE’s policy objectives and regulatory requirements over a 10-year planning period from 2018-2027. PCE’s existing and planned supply commitments will enable PCE to fulfill regulatory mandates and voluntary procurement targets related to renewable, greenhouse gas-free (GHG-free) and conventional (non-renewable) energy.

PCE’s 2018 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)


PCE’s 2018 RFO for renewable energy is now closed. You can view details on the 2018 RFO page.

RFOs Questions & Answers / FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding PCE’s energy activities can be found on the PCE 2018 Renewables RFO page. For any other inquiries please email us at the email address listed below.

Unsolicited Offers

If you have any unsolicited offers, would like to be added to our RFO distribution list, or have any other procurement related questions, please email us at procurement@peninsulacleanenergy.com