Strategic plan


To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by expanding access to sustainable and affordable energy solutions.


A sustainable world with clean energy for everyone.


  • Design a power portfolio that is sourced by 100% renewable energy by 2025
  • Contribute to San Mateo County reaching the state’s goal to be 100% greenhouse gas-free by 2045


  • Secure sufficient, low-cost, clean sources of electricity that achieve Peninsula Clean Energy’s priorities while ensuring reliability and meeting regulatory mandates
  • Strongly advocate for public policies that support Peninsula Clean Energy’s Organizational Priorities
  • Implement robust energy programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, align energy supply and demand, and provide benefits to community stakeholder groups
  • Develop a strong brand reputation that drives participation in Peninsula Clean Energy’s programs while ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Employ sound fiscal strategies to promote long-term organizational sustainability
  • Ensure organizational excellence by adhering to sustainable business practices and fostering a workplace culture of innovation, diversity, transparency, and integrity