Providing cleaner energy at lower prices since 2016

Peninsula Clean Energy is a community-controlled, not-for-profit, joint powers agency formed as a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program by San Mateo County and all 20 of its cities and towns in 2016, and joined by the City of Los Banos in 2020. As a CCA, Peninsula Clean Energy offers many environmental and economic benefits to its residential and business customers:

Peninsula Clean Energy provides the local community with more control over their electricity supply

Choosing clean, renewable electricity (such as solar, wind and geothermal) reduces the consumption of fossil fuels, leading to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Earnings are reinvested in the community in the form of new energy projects and programs that further reduce greenhouse gas emissions

How it works

Illustration showing the process from electricity generation with wind and solar, through delivery via power lines, to customers using clean energy in buildings and vehicles.
Illustration of wind turbine and solar panels representing electricity generation.

Peninsula Clean Energy provides electricity from clean energy sources at lower rates than PG&E.

Illustration of a building, house, and car representing customers.
PG&E owns the power lines and delivers the power we generate. They send a consolidated bill.
Illustration of a building, house, and car representing customers.

As a customer of Peninsula Clean Energy, you are helping the environment and saving money.

Who we are

Peninsula Clean Energy is the community-led electricity provider for San Mateo County and for the City of Los Banos. We provide clean electricity at lower prices than PG&E and invest proceeds back into the community.

As one of California’s Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) organizations, Peninsula Clean Energy has the flexibility and local control to use innovative options in purchasing and generating electricity for residents and businesses.

Peninsula Clean Energy's goals include continuing to provide energy that is 100% clean and that will be 100% renewable by 2030.

Our strategic goals

Design a diverse power portfolio that is greenhouse gas free.


100% clean energy


100% California Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) on an annal basis


Maximize RPS energy on a time-coincident hourly matching basis

Clean energy at low rates

As a Peninsula Clean Energy customer, you have a choice in the amount of electricity that comes from renewable energy. You can choose our default option, ECOplus, with lower rates and a higher percentage of renewable energy than that of PG&E. If you can afford to pay a little extra and want to help even more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, you can choose ECO100, our 100% renewable product. 

 Areas served

Daly City
East Palo Alto
Foster City
Half Moon Bay
Los Banos
Menlo Park
Portola Valley
Redwood City
San Bruno
San Carlos
San Mateo
South San Francisco
Unincorporated San Mateo County