Data Connect

Introducing Data Connect for third parties and contractors

Data Connect is a secure, easy-to-use software tool that provides instant access to standardized energy data.

Data Connect can help you:

  • Analyze your customer’s energy use at their business or property
  • Lower your clean energy business’s operating costs

Use Data Connect to:

  • Get access to free, standardized energy data for all your Peninsula Clean Energy customer accounts
  • Get access to a simple, one-time customer authorization process (no need to dig out account number, PG&E credentials, or sign authorization forms!)
  • Download both Peninsula Clean Energy and PG&E historical usage, billing, and interval data, along with having the ability to set up ongoing monitoring of meter data
  • Customers can easily and securely access their own data as well as share authorized data with your business

How to get started

  1. Register as a third party at
    Complete your one-time registration with Data Connect
  2. Get your authorization email from Peninsula Clean Energy.
    We will send you an email after authorizing your user account.
  3. Confirm your customer is in San Mateo County, which is Peninsula Clean Energy territory
  4. Request Data
    Log in to your account on and request your customer’s data
  5. Data Authorization
    When your customer authorizes data sharing, you’ll receive an email notice
  6. Collect Data
    To collect and download the authorized data, log into your dashboard at

Tutorials for third parties and contractors

Step 1:
Register with Data Connect

Step 2:
Log in to your Dashboard

Step 3:
Request Authorization from your Customer to Access Account Data

Step 4:
Log into Dashboard and Download Data Reports

For questions contact: