Member agency energy grants

In December 2023 the Peninsula Clean Energy Board of Directors authorized one-time allocation of $11.5 million in surplus funds for member agencies to implement local energy projects. Each agency has been allocated a specific funding level for its use in a manner consistent with PCE’s mission. The allocations are one-time grants and no repayment is required, however, the member agencies will be required to adhere to a spending verification process as determined by Peninsula Clean Energy. 

The allocation of the $11.5 million in total surplus funds available to Member Agencies is based on year-end 2023 load share/customer count in each jurisdiction. Grants are based on proposed project costs as submitted by the Member Agency and as approved by Peninsula Clean Energy. Project costs may be up to the maximum allocation for the relevant jurisdiction. Maximum allocations are shown in the table.

Project eligibility

The grant is only available to member agencies of the Peninsula Clean Energy Authority Joint Powers Authority. Grant funding may be used for one or more projects, as approved by Peninsula Clean Energy, and must be spent within twenty-four (24) months of allocation. Peninsula Clean Energy staff will review applications and approve grants based on alignment with the goals of the Strategic Plan to decarbonize the service territory. Specifically, that to reach goal of carbon neutrality, it is essential to switch from fossil fuels to clean electricity, which means electrifying transportation and buildings.

Examples of eligible projects: 

  • Installation of EV charging infrastructure for fleet or public use 
  • Building heat pump systems in government facilities 
  • Incentive programs for electrifying landscape equipment, etc.
  • Installation of solar and storage systems
  • Upgrades to efficient street lights

Ineligible projects and costs: 

  • Purchase of equipment using fossil fuels 
  • Staff time associated with operations and other administrative costs 
  • Indirect decarbonization education or general transportation infrastructure such as workshops and bike lanes  
  • Production of reports or plans 

For projects directly consistent with existing PCE programs, applicants may request PCE to administer the project. PCE will explore the option with the applicant to make a determination. 

Application, disbursement and reporting 

Applications will be taken on a rolling basis. There is no deadline for applications and multiple applications may be submitted by a jurisdiction with requests totaling up to the jurisdiction’s allocation.  

An executed contract will be required. Funds will be made available 50% up front and 50% on the successful completion of the project. Annual and post expenditure completion reports will be required to PCE.   

Please review the terms of this contract

Belmont $379,799 
Brisbane $205,664 
Burlingame $540,317 
Colma $54,679 
Daly City $1,059,658 
East Palo Alto$243,563 
Foster City $551,232 
Half Moon Bay $155,068 
Hillsborough $160,396 
Los Banos $422,711 
Menlo Park $786,300 
Millbrae $302,056 
Pacifica $475,666 
Portola Valley$64,415 
Redwood City $1,265,866 
San Bruno $506,409 
San Carlos $457,832 
San Mateo $1,406,718 
South San Francisco $1,263,372 
San Mateo County $765,038 
Woodside $112,915